4-2-09: End of Eternity (4 parts)

4-2-09: End of Eternity (4 parts)

Inspired by Isaac Asimov’s little novel, End of Eternity, these are something like what the early German Romanticists might have called Character Pieces (Charakterstück).

Look, I don’t know exactly how, or even if the Asimov book inspired them; I just know that I had been reading the book when I improvised these four little pieces, one after the other, one bright spring afternoon in April, 2009. The book was sitting there on my piano as I played; it was an old copy, my dad’s I think. It had the smell of a musty old paperback because it was a musty old paperback.

I’ve called them character pieces, so they should have titles, right?

1. Skipping Through Arnie Schoenberg’s Childhood Garden, Old Man Brahms looking on suspiciously.’

2. Happily Dancing Galactic Clusters (There is life on Mars!)

3. Slow, Spasmodic Dance with Thelonious on Schumann’s Ship to Shenandoah Valley (Debussy at the Helm)

4. Fast, Spasmodic Dance with Thelonious through Chopin’s Parlor, George Sand looking on, cat running out of the room in terror