March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017: Spring Can Really

A short improvisation that should turn be developed into a piece of real music one day.

August 30, 2016: Field Test

August 30, 2016: Field Test

October 1, 7pm at PianoForte Chicago Studios, south loop: I’m premiering my new work, Blues, Preludes and Feuds. Yes the app (which combines my solo piano music with a creative memoir) is literally going live!

This track has nothing to do with that—it’s just something I recorded this afternoon, and I’m testing out some new tech stuff….

6/12/14: Caravan (take 2 or so)

This is another take of Caravan (from the June 12 performance). Compare with the June 8 version: different but the same? In the show I explore 6 pianist/composers (Bach, Beethoven, Ellington, Monk, Weston, Tyner) and how I managed to create my own style by absorbing lessons from them.

Thursday through Sunday at the Athenaeum Theatre,Chicago. Tickets are $15, $8 for students/seniors.


What is a piano diary? It’s a piano blog, or pianolog—a diary whose entries consist of mostly improvised piano solos, along with my written thoughts that accompany each entry, and perhaps an image. How do you “read” a piano diary? Start by listening, then read. Or the other way around. You can read more about the concept and history in the Preface—or just dig in.