July 14, 2016: Reboot

July 14, 2016: Reboot

Well, it really has been a while. If I had just waited 8 more days it would have been two years since I last posted something here. But I’m all about keeping things ever so asymmetric, so here we go again.

I’m not going to lie: I have an ulterior motive. I just launched a new version of my website today, and it says right up there at the top of the site that “The Blog is Back”, meaning Piano Diaries. So I had to do something…

Speaking of launches, my new app Blues, Preludes & Feuds (A Musical Memory) is now available in two formats: iOS, and as a web app. It’s been out  for iOS for about a month or so, but web app is big news because now everyone can read/listen to it: it works on any reasonably modern device (Android, iOS, any web browser on your computer.)

It’s an album…it’s a book…it’s…super cool. So check it out.

(Speaking parenthetically about launches, and reboots: this site needs to be redesigned. That’s next…)

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