7-26-13: Fury with a Singe on Top

7-26-13: Fury with a Singe on Top

This has nothing to do with that great Rodgers & Hammerstein tune, Surrey with Fringe on Top; I just happened to take a liking to that particular play on words is all (as Curly, the character who sings that song, might put it.) My favorite interpretation of the real tune, along of the movie version (which is spectacular,) is this version by McCoy Tyner. Never ceases to amazes to me.

This, on the other hand, does have something to do with that hallowed tune:

Yes, after writing the above, I felt it necessary to actually do something—though in a veiled way—with the main theme of the tune itself. I say (and play) veiled because I’m always wary of the copyright police. There are people out there (some of them I know all too well) who will argue that because I quote seven notes from the theme of the aforementioned tune, that I should register it with the Harry Fox Agency so the estates of R&H can collect micro-royalties every time this is streamed.  Who has time for that nonsense? Thus, my veiled reference: I never actually play a significant part of the melody, so I should be left alone. I call this track Flurry with a Hinged Outcrop. Another veiled reference.

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