1/30/13: Going the Other Way

Usually, when I go back to listen to these, I have some idea what they’re about. Of course, almost all of these are free improvisations. In truth, though, that is just  generic term that can apply to  just about anything unplanned—musical or not.  When I say I generally have an idea of what they’re about, I mean that I can follow the musical direction, that there is a clear point, a path from the beginning to the end. In this case, I can’t say that I really understand the point—the direction, if it’s there, is hard for me to decipher. So for me this really is a free improvisation, as it seems to just go wherever it damn well pleases, without regard to “rules” of thematic development and such. As I’m normally inclined to develop my “free” improvisations in a rather logical way, the lack of apparent order here holds some fascination for me.

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