1/29/13: Sports Authority

Most people, when they listen to this, will think “jazz” or “classical” or some combination of those two. But that is entirely missing point. Clearly I’ve been influenced by those, and many other, traditions. But the end result is neither. The American novelist Richard Ford  said this about comparisons with his work and that of Faulkner, Updike, and Hemingway: “You can’t write … on the strength of influence. You can only write a good story or a good novel by yourself.” That is the point. This is not jazz as seen through the prism of a born classicist, or impressionistic harmony as played by a jazzer: this is a simple 5 note theme, as interpreted by me at that moment on January 29, 2013. It is me by myself, expressing a part of what I think, feel, and know in purely musical terms at that moment. This has nothing to do with jazz or classical or anything but me and that five note theme.

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