1/24/13: Ode to Cecil Taylor

1/24/13: Ode to Cecil Taylor

When I was a teenager I was sufficiently smitten with the jazz tradition that I wanted to experience and know the whole thing. That’s one of the reasons I listened to the great avant garde pianist, Cecil Taylor. I also loved his playing—up to a point. He did (and does) tend to go on…and on. But I was, at least for a time, influenced by his very personal style, he opened up many new sonic vistas for me.

I hadn’t listened to him in years, maybe decades, when I decided for some reason to give him a listen again on Spotify. And he had the same effect some 30-odd years later—he reminded me that I didn’t have to get stuck in one particular way of approaching the piano. This improvisation is a result of that very important reminder.

Thank you, Mr. Tayor.



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