8-13-09: Threat of Expensive Fruit

I don’t know where the goofy title came from, but I have my suspicions. The naming of these purely abstract instrumental tracks is actually the final part of the improvisational process, before the curator-redactor-editor in me comes in an cleans up the mess. While I’m listening back to a piece to see if it passes the ready-for-public test, I try to let the abstract sounds suggest words. Sometimes, because I’m a songwriter, a fragment of melody suggests a lyric, and I’ll use that as the title; sometimes the mood suggests a title; sometimes the theme reminds me of some other tune; sometimes it reminds me of some other composer or musician; sometimes I just choose a generic title like the “Daily Improv” that opens this book;  and sometimes it doesn’t suggest a damn thing. In the latter case, I just choose something randomly.

Now the latter might seem to be the obvious choice in this case, but there are two other possibilities. First, it could be a lyric: if you simply take the “The” out of this title,  it works with the theme. The theme in all three of versions of this improv has 6 notes, and is in each case stated clearly right upfront. So take away the “the” and you have a six syllable title—”Threat of Expensive Fruit”. Listen, it kind of fits:

It certainly doesn’t sound like any lyric I’ve ever written, but then again, this is not really a lyric. If anything, it sounds like a Frank Zappa lyric (or possibly the name of a  Frank Zappa child), though I never listened to much Zappa.

The second possibility? Let’s think about “Expensive Fruit”: is it actually supposed to mean something. I’m typing this into a late 2006 iMac that badly needs to be upgraded to a 2012 iMac. Maybe that’s what it’s about…needing a new Apple (read expensive) computer. Get it: expensive fruit? (I am, as I write this in late 2012, experiencing real problems when recording my little piano ditties here: ProTools frequently freezes up, stopping my little extemporizations in mid flight. But I can’t remember if I was running into these issues in August of 2009 when I recorded and named these little pieces. )

Still, there is a better than even chance that the subtitle means absolutely nothing.

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